Dairy Crest, Stonehouse

Project: LED Lighting System Installation
Scope: Replacement of conventional low bay lighting with new LED low bay lighting. This improved the lighting level and over a five year period will actually save the client money as well as lowering their carbon footprint.

Electrio introduced LED lighting for Dairy Crest at their headquarters in Stonehouse. In a Dairy productivity is key; the milk processing and packaging process runs 24 hours a day 7 days a week and any interruption in processing, either for maintenance or repairs, needs to be avoided wherever possible. 

LED, a relatively new technology, delivers a number of advantages over conventional lighting solutions including cost savings and reduced  maintenance. Electrio designed and installed the new LED lighting system for Dairy Crest which has improved the level of lighting and, over a five year period, will actually save the client money as well as reducing maintenance costs. It will also lower their carbon footprint. Our client is thrilled with the outcome, we will be introducing LED lighting to further Dairy Crest installations in the near future.